COVID Safety Protocols

Hello ACB,

Our first rehearsal is still planned for Sept 21 at Washington-Liberty High School in Ballston at 7:00 PM. That said, we have some important safety protocols:

  1. Masks will be required for all players. There are specialized masks available for woodwind and brass players available here. Please purchase one before rehearsals begin.
  2. With the Delta surge, we are strongly encouraging all players to be vaccinated. As a small community organization we do not have the capacity to vet every player’s vaccination status — we can only beg that members of this band take the health and safety of its members seriously.

After a 17 month hiatus, we expect some rebuilding time will be necessary before we achieve our previous level of playing. We know that with patience we will get back there, and we can’t wait to make music again with all of you.

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