IMPORTANT: early arrival on concert day

A note from Jim:

“After further thought, it seems that without a rehearsal in the theater, we need a brief sound check on stage at 7:00 PM, before the concert, to perform our best. Please arrive in enough time to be seated on stage and ready to play by 7:00 PM. We will exit the stage at 7:15. Dress is black formal. See you at rehearsal on Tuesday.”

REMINDER: 10/4 rehearsal is at W-L

From Jim: “I am having trouble getting the door adjacent to the parking deck unlocked. I will attempt to have a member waiting at the door to let you all in. If that fails, you will have to go to the front door.”

The front door Jim is referencing is Door 1 on the Stafford Street side of the building, closest to the football field and the gym.

IMPORTANT: two reminders

1) Tomorrow (9/20) and next Tuesday (9/27), we will rehearse at Kenmore Middle School instead of W-L. Kenmore is located at 200 S. Carlin Springs Road, which is essentially the corner of Route 50 and Carlin Springs. If you’re driving down either road, you can’t miss it.

Jim says “Park in front of the school. Enter through the main door, walk forward to the main hall and turn left. Go past the theater and take the hall to the right. The band room is towards the end to the left.”

2) Don’t forget to register for the band through Arlington Community Learning if you’re a returning member or are a new member Jim has explicitly invited to join us this season.

If you have not discussed playing with us this season with our conductor, do not sign up through APSplease email the website administrator to be put in touch. Due to space constraints and to ensure balanced instrumentation, we may have an existing waitlist for your instrument.

IMPORTANT: NCBF Information + Party

From Jim:

“If you missed rehearsal last night, you do not have a ticket to get into the concert hall. Mason staff require a ticket to enter the back stage area. You will have to pick it up from me. Remember we meet for rehearsal/warm-up at 7:00 p.m.”

If you’re ticketless, please check your email for Jim’s phone number and get in touch with him ASAP.

Additionally, for party planning purposes, please email Jim as soon as possible with your name and number attending so he can get an accurate head count.

REMINDER: Every Member Campaign

Hi all! It’s that time of year again — we are asking for your help in ensuring the band can cover our annual payment to Arlington Community Learning, which in turn keeps our individual dues/enrollment fees low every fall.

From Diana: “In the spirit of community, we ask that all members of the band donate something – whether it is $5 or $500. Any amount is appreciated so please give whatever feels right to you. Donations are tax deductible. If you would like to, we also encourage you to reach out to friends and family who may be interested in supporting a local arts organization (that’s us).”

You can donate via PayPal (no account required, just a debit or credit card) here or give cash or a check (made out to Arlington Concert Band Association) to Mel at rehearsal.

Thanks so much for your support!