Upcoming rehearsal changes

From Jim:

Thanks for a very productive rehearsal this past Tuesday.  As I said at rehearsal, this ensemble plays very well when it rehearses consistently, not so much when attendance is scattered.  So please make every effort to be at every rehearsal.  

That said, we have some challenges in that regard going forward that we need to prepare for. 

There will be no rehearsal on February 28.  I’ve known of a conflict for Brian for some time and the person I had in mind to sub, (who knows much of this literature) recently let me know that they were not available.  There is too much literature on this concert to bring any other colleague in.    

The March 7 rehearsal is at Wakefield HS in the band room.  This is due to a choral concert at W-L. 

Finally, there is no rehearsal April 4 due to APS Spring Break. 

Mark your calendars and keep practicing!

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