IMPORTANT: two reminders

1) Tomorrow (9/20) and next Tuesday (9/27), we will rehearse at Kenmore Middle School instead of W-L. Kenmore is located at 200 S. Carlin Springs Road, which is essentially the corner of Route 50 and Carlin Springs. If you’re driving down either road, you can’t miss it.

Jim says “Park in front of the school. Enter through the main door, walk forward to the main hall and turn left. Go past the theater and take the hall to the right. The band room is towards the end to the left.”

2) Don’t forget to register for the band through Arlington Community Learning if you’re a returning member or are a new member Jim has explicitly invited to join us this season.

If you have not discussed playing with us this season with our conductor, do not sign up through APSplease email the website administrator to be put in touch. Due to space constraints and to ensure balanced instrumentation, we may have an existing waitlist for your instrument.

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