Rehearsal 2/1

Hi all! Just a quick reminder that we have rehearsal as usual tomorrow (Tuesday, 2/1, Washington-Liberty High School, 7-9 pm).

Covid numbers are falling in our area. Here’s the most recent 90-day report on daily case counts in Arlington County from the Virginia Department of Health:

If you missed Mel’s email, here’s the agenda for tomorrow night’s rehearsal, with some areas we’ll focus on:

Sea Songs: foreground vs. background parts and knowing your role.
Sea of Clouds: Beginning tempo (quarter note = 52). For music this slow, we will explore direction and connection of phrases.
Pirates: Learning what comes BEFORE your entrance and using this knowledge to fix balance issues.
Windjammer: Practice maintaining energy through the first section so we don’t slow on repeated rhythms throughout.
Victory at Sea: Transitions, transitions, and more transitions! All of the transitions.
Who’s Who in Navy Blue: A march to send you on your way.

Assistant conductor Brian made a Spotify playlist with some of our repertoire, which you can find here.

If you’re an Apple Music user, find a very similar playlist here.

Hope to see you at W-L tomorrow night!

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